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Drone Flight Simulation  Powered by the Cloud

RPAS Training

Enhance your curriculum by providing students an interactive virtual environment where they can learn basic to advanced engineering concepts through hands-on experimentation.


Learn and gain an intuition of advanced aerospace engineering principles through hands-on experimentation within an interactive virtual environment and 3D simulation.

Drone Operators

Learn to use specific drone airframes, flight control systems, and ground control stations.  Plan and rehearse missions within an accurate 3D simulation of any location in the world.

SIMNET is a next-generation drone simulation  environment that runs on your web browser

SIMNET combines an unparalleled set of multidisciplinary design and simulation capabilities into an intuitive, easy to use web interface.

Connect your transmitter to SIMNET to simulate your drone operation and observe its flight characteristics and performance under specific environmental and atmospheric conditions. SIMNET is the perfect tool for drone Post Flight Visualisation planning for VLOS, EVLOS and BVLOS drone operations.

SIMNET uses the Cesium Ion platform so you can fly in any location in the world.

SIMNET provides turnkey Software-In-The-Loop simulation of popular flight control systems such as ArduPilot and PX4 allowing you to test the flight control software in conjunction with the UAV airframe.

SIMNET is also integrated with DroneLogbook compliance software and soon to be integrated with SkyLink UTM platform, enabling simulated flight record keeping, mission planning and visualisation capabilities to pre-test advanced drone operations simulations like BVLOS. All three platforms are hosted in the cloud and connect to each other via secure API connections.

SIMNET Trainer Platform simulator comes with customisable Learning Management System (LMS) and DroneLogbook flight log sync integration to store your students simulation hours.

Develop your own training scenarios…

SIMNET is powered by their proprietary Typhon Physics Engine (TM), which uses state of the art algorithms to provide real-time aerodynamic and performance predictions.

We offer 2 hours of simulator time as free trial and includes the following drone model types Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Fixed Wing & VTOL.

Choose between Free Flight Mode or connect with Ardupilot or PX4 Flight Controller Software