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Long Range Communications

SkyLink Communications Systems

With the experience of SkyLink UAS sister company Gama ProjEX Australia

Their field crews usually work off the grid in primary jungle with 150ft high saturated canopy, mountainous terrain and over large areas (hundreds of kilometres). Maintaining reliable communications between the field crews, base camp and town logistics support staff logistics support staff has been an ongoing challenge for many years in PNG.

We have developed many innovative bespoke solutions to overcome this and now have this available for Australian BVLOS Drone Service Providers

Base Station Multi Purpose Communication tower
satellite and differing radio wave lengths

SkyLink UAS provides diverse satellite and radio communications options to meet this challenge.

Below is an example of a Repeater System coverage map using software to design suitable radio network coverage in remote areas.

We are currently testing 900 MHz wireless mesh system in Canberra to offer a mesh network with enough bandwidth to deliver HD video and communications from 50 to 100 kilometres range, this includes a system suitable for drones, motor vehicles and personnel’s wearable hardware.

Repeater System coverage map