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BVLOS Remote Camps

SkyLink UAS Remote BVLOS Logistics Services

Available January 2022

We can assist you in delivering BVLOS logistics for Drone Service Providers working in remote and rural Australia. We can provide remote camps to accommodate personnel for operations, with 1 month to 12 month leasing options. We have 2 options available which include Mobile Command Centres and Mobile Tent Systems. We have Gen-sets available to power the site, air conditioning for climate control for hot Australian climate areas and our tents are available in many different sizes and configuration options.

Our Logistics Assets

SkyLink UAS has substantial remote area logistics assets and capabilities based out of our Armidale NSW location available:

  • Remote Field Camps (LWRD system)
  • Communications Systems
  • Electric Power Systems
  • Project & Labour Management
  • Procurement and Shipping

Mobile Command Centres

Mobile Tent Systems

Electric Power Systems

  • The camps are based on a tried and tested US military tented system with purpose built components for remote environments.
  • The system is completely modular in design, allowing flexibility in camp configuration.
  • It uses pre built hardware in all components to allow for rapid assembly, disassembly and reuse.
  • Conventional building doors are prefabricated units and easily installed in the tent entryways for high traffic and air-conditioned tents so that these spaces no longer ‘feel like a tent’. Doors can be lockable.
  • The camp components are constructed to high safety standards including the modular electrical wiring system.
  • Camp may be relocated in components (leap frogged) to new camp locations.
  • It is lightweight compared to other (portable) camp systems largely used in the resources industry such as demountable buildings, containers and flat pack systems.
  • It packs down to small pallet size components allowing for transport by any method available to remote sites.
  • The Electric Power Systems is ‘plug-and-play’ with a purpose built modular system consisting of step down multi-purpose distribution boards. These may be configured in any way required to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency of layout.
  • Boards are all professionally built to ANZ (Australia, New Zealand) wiring standards.
  • The final stage (C-boards) can be daisy chained as required.
  • All connections are plug in and switchable.
  • All circuits have built in RCD and overload protection for maximum user safety.
  • The final stage in each structure is completed by use of dedicated plug in leads and plug strips eliminating the need for any hard wiring by a qualified electrician.
  • The C-boards may be easily switched to select which phase to use. This, along with easy plug in feeds and the use of continuous ammeter current monitoring on the main A-boards, makes balancing the three phases a very simple process during camp construction or any modification.
  • By using high quality electrical components, low draw lighting and thermally efficient air-conditioned structures, a complete 45-man camp with all facilities can typically operate on a single 55KVA generator (690KG).
  • Each of the tent structures can easily be isolated with the flick of a switch and unplugged so that structures may be added or removed at any time without disruption to the remaining camp power systems.
6 Person Accommodation example including office / command centre area and open covered meeting or dinning area
Office Setup Example
Private Staff Sleeping Quarters

Large Scale Camp Example in PNG Highlands